Akdeniz Üniversitesi



The Research Centre for Mediterranean Languages and Cultures (ADKAM) was founded by the late Professor Sencer ŞAHİN in 1998 in order to conduct scholarly work concerning the languages and cultures of ancient civilations around Mediterranean. The subsequent director of the Centre was Prof. Dr. N. Eda AKYÜREK ŞAHİN.

The ancient geography consisting of the regions to the East (Pamphylia) and to the West (Lycia) of Akdeniz university have been investigated by members of the Centre within the scope of several projects supported partly by Akdeniz University with the results published in national and international publications.

ADKAM carries out activities in the fields of: Classical Philology, Epigraphy, Ancient History, Ancient Geography and conducts research on the ancient documents and the cultural heritage of Turkey, esp. of the Mediterranean.



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