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Epigraphic and Historical-Geographic Field Survey on the Road Network in Lycia and Pamphylia
2004 - continues

SP MAPThe field surveys of the Lycian road network were initiated by the late professor Sencer Şahin in 2004. The aims of this survey are determining ancient roads and routes in Lycia and Pamphylia, the evaluation of any sort of data from the field indicating the presence of these roads and routes and of all epigraphical material, published or newly found in the course of the surveys. In consequence of this work, this research investigates settlement distribution and the network connections and aims to produce conclusions concerning the administrative and political history of the region, together with the deeper understanding of its historical geography, to the fullest extent. ... read more

Dependent Projects:
- The spatial conceptualization of power in the Roman empire: Lycia and Rome in the 1st c. A.D. (2018 - continues; Conducted by Assoc. Prof. Fatih ONUR in the Commission for Ancient History and Epigraphy - DAI, Munich and in the Research Institute at the University of Münster, under "Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers" provided by Alexander von Humboldt Faundation.

- Stadiasmus Patarensis and the Transportation Systems in Eşen (Xanthus) Valley [Original Turkish title: Stadiasmus Patarensis ve Eşen Vadisi Antik Dönem Ulaşım Sistemleri] (Conducted by Prof. Dr. N. Eda AKYÜREK ŞAHİN, 2015 - continues; Akdeniz University BAP Prj. No.: SBA-2015-937)

- Water and Water Constructions in the Southern and Southwestern Anatolia in the light of Epigraphic Documents [Original Turkish title: Epigrafik Belgeler Işığında Güney ve Güney Batı Anadoluda Su ve Su Yapıları] (Conducted by Prof. Dr. N. Eda AKYÜREK ŞAHİN, 2015 - continues; doctoral project for Hüseyin UZUNOĞLU; Akdeniz University BAP Prj. No.: SDK-2015-489)

- Civil Unrest, Intervention of Roman Empire and Road Construction Policy during the provincialization of Lycia [Original Turkish title: Lykia'nın Eyaletleşme Sürecindeki İç Huzursuzluklar, Roma İmparatorluğu'nun Müdahalesi ve Yol Yapım Politikası] (Conducted by Assoc. Prof. Fatih ONUR, 2016 - continues; Akdeniz University BAP Prj. No.: SBA-2016-1675)

Dependent theses:
- Status and Territories of Settlements: Stadiasmus Patarensis and the Example of Lycia [Original Turkish title: Eskiçağ’da Yerleşim Statüleri ve Teritoryumları: Stadiasmus Patarensis ve Lykia Örneği], Fatma AVCU, PhD thesis, 2015 - continues; Supervisor:
Assoc. Prof. Fatih ONUR, Akdeniz University - Institute of Social Sciences.

- Oktapolis in Western Lycia [Original Turkish title: Batı Lykia Coğrafyasında Oktapolis], Büşra KARABULUT, Master thesis, submitted in 2018; Supervisor: Doç. Dr. Fatih ONUR, Akdeniz University - Institute of Social Sciences

- Fines in the funerary Inscriptions of Lycia and Fine Collection Agents [Original Turkish title: Lykia Bölgesi Mezar Yazıtlarında Cezalar ve Ceza Tahsil Kurumları], Fatma AVCU, Master thesis, submitted in 2014; YÖK Thesis No.: 363432; Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Fatih ONUR, Akdeniz University - Institute of Social Sciences.

Har. 1Epigraphic and Historical-Geographic Research Around Nallıhan

This reasearch was fulfilled under the direction of the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations at Ankara. The inscriptions around Nallıhan and in Juliopolis (Çayırhan) were investigated. The excavations in Juliopolis are conducted by a team from the Museum, while its epigraphic study was done through this research.

Dependent Projects:
Epigraphic and Historical-Geographic Research Around Nallıhan
and in the Eskişehir Archaeological Museum [Original Turkish title: Nallıhan Çevresi ve Eskişehir Müzesi'nde Epigrafi ve Tarihi Coğrafya Çalışmaları] (Conducted by
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatih ONUR, 2015-completed; Akdeniz University BAP Prj. No.: 2014.01.0116.003)

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