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Gephyra and the Bulletin numismatique de l’Asie Mineure

We, the editors of Gephyra, are pleased to announce that our journal will soon begin the publication of the "Bulletin numismatique de l’Asie Mineure". The first Bulletin will appear in May 2022 and will cover the year 2021. The idea for the Bulletin came from Johannes Nollé, who asked Oğuz Tekin to take over the role of co-editor. We are very happy that this meritorious scholar and Turkish doyen of numismatics has accepted our invitation to join us.

The title of the Bulletin was chosen in honour of Jeanne and Louis Robert, to the longstanding efforts of whom we owe the famous as well as masterly "Bulletin épigraphique". Apart from the Roberts’ accomplishments in epigraphy, Louis Robert’s merits in the numismatics of Asia Minor can scarcely be overestimated.

The "Bulletin numismatique" will be structured very similarly to the Roberts’ "Bulletin épigraphique". Although our Bulletin’s title is French, it will be published in the lingua franca of our time, in English. Just like the Roberts’ "Bulletin épigraphique", the "Bulletin numismatique" will be published every year. It will deal with the coinage of Asia Minor from its onset in the 7th c. BC to the end of the ancient world which we shall set a the end of the reign of the Byzantine emperor Heraclius in AD 641. After a shorter topical section revolving around thematic or chronologic issues such as agonistic images on coins of Asia Minor, electrum coins, the coinage of Hellenistic kings, hoards etc., the Bulletin’s second part will present the year’s new discoveries region by region. New coin types as well as research papers or books published during the course of the year will be listed, their contents shortly summarised and sometimes also assessed.

By publishing the Bulletin, we will reach multiple targets. First of all we want to help scholars – who are interested in the history of Asia Minor but who are not numismatists – to maintain an overview of the progress of numismatic research work. This is the only way to ensure that numismatics finds the place in Classical Studies which it deserves. Secondly, we want to direct attention to the many useful papers on Asia Minor coins published by Turkish numismatists; they are, to a great extent, unknown to the community of classical scholars as well as that of numismatists. Finally, we would be content if we are able to intensify the studies on Asia Minor coins and to build up an interactive forum of exchange. Our journal gladly accepts articles on coins of Asia Minor, but also on scientific issues concerning Greek and Roman coins from the Greek-speaking East.

During the past few decades numismatic literature has increased so much that nobody is able to do the projected work of publishing such a bulletin on its own. Even the Roberts suffered more and more under the burden of increasing epigraphic literature. Therefore, Johannes Nollé and Oğuz Tekin have asked several numismatists distinguished by their work on the coinage of Asia Minor to join the project. A list with their names and their fields of work is given below. Nonetheless, we ask all colleagues to support the work of the Bulletin by sending their publications to the individual members of the team or at least to inform them about new publications.

General editors:
Johannes Nollé – Oğuz Tekin  Koray Konuk

Topic Issues:
Electrum coins: Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert
Achaemenid coins: Wilhelm Müseler
Coins of the Hellenistic Kings: Dinçer Savaş Lenger
Coins minted on behalf of Roman government (cistophores, tetradrachms): Florian Haymann
Late Antique Coins: Hacer Sancaktar
Religion and myth: Jan Bremmer & Johannes Nollé
Games on Asia Minor coins: Aliye Erol Özdizbay
River gods: Reinhard Falter & Johannes Nollé
Anatolian languages on Asia Minor coins: Diether Schürr
Hoards: Zeynep Çizmeli Öğün
Coins and Economy: Stephen Mitchell
Weights: Oğuz Tekin

Thrace (European part of Turkey only): Ulrike Peter
Bithynia, Paphlagonia, Pontos: Saskia Kerschbaum
Troas: Sencan Özbilge Altınoluk
Mysia: Bernhard Weisser
Aiolis: Aliye Erol Özdizbay
Ionia: Johannes Nollé
Lydia: Dane Kurth & Johannes Nollé
Phrygia: Katharina Martin
Caria: Fabrice Delrieux
Pisidia: Hüseyin Köker
Lycia (minting of the dynasts): Wilhelm Müseler
Lycia (Hellenistic & Gordianian coins) & Pamphylia: Tolga Tek
Galatia & Cappadocia & Lycaonia & Euphrates region: Johannes Nollé
Cilicia: Johannes Nollé & Hacer Sancaktar

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