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The historical-geographical and epigraphical publications concerning antiquity in the region are limited to some inscriptions included in an article by Crowfoot and Anderson (1899), in French’s work on the “Pilgrim’s Road” of 1981, in the epigraphic corpus of northern Galatia by S. Mitchell of 1982, and in the work by Chr. Marek of 2000, after the earlier publications of travellers, who visited this region. Some of the inscriptions from Nallıhan have been recently published by Fatma AVCU (2015). Recent preservation work conducted around Nallıhan and the archaeological excavations in the necropolis of Juliopolis which were conducted by the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations at Ankara from 2009 onwards have produced much new material concerning this region in antiquity.[1]

In 2011 with the invitation of Melih Arslan, the ex-director of the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations at Ankara, we visited the Ayhan Sümer Cultural Centre at Nallıhan, where several inscriptions from its villages are preserved, and the ancient site of Juliopolis in Çayırhan, in company with Mustafa Metin, from the same museum responsible for preservation of the finds in the garden of the cultural centre and for the excavations at Juliopolis. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, we revisited these places with a larger team consisting of: Assist. Prof. Mehmet Alkan, Assist. Prof. Erman Gören; and research assistants Fatma Avcu, Yadigar Doğan and Canan (Arıkan) Onur. It is also worth to mention Euthymios Rizos for his valuable observations. We worked on all the inscriptions in the cultural Centre and, in addition, some inscriptions from the villages of Nallıhan and the inscriptions which were found during the excavations at Juliopolis, for which I have been the scientific consultant from 2014 onwards. The funerary inscriptions from Juliopolis are mainly kept in depots on-site at the excavation. Some of these inscriptions are now published by the team members.

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